There are [6] small picnic pavilions available for use throughout the park.  The 12'x16' covered structure has a concrete picnic table with a small charcoal grill.  These a perfect for a small gathering with views of the West Fork White River.








Located outside the restroom facility is a water vending unit which is available 24 hours a day for the convenience of filling your own 1 gallon or 5 gallon containers for .25 cents per gallon.  All proceeds goes towards the upkeep of the park.












A large 24'x36' covered group pavilion is available for your groups needs.  Please refer to the "Pavilion" link on the main menu for more information.








Located throughout the park are [5] white cedar log benches facing the river for your enjoyment of reading a book or just sitting listening to the birds.









Located on site are handicap accessible restrooms, both men and women.  A public pay phone and water fountain are nice conveniences as well.



A location for elegant wedding's are available, making a perfect romantic spot for you and your mate.

Thanks so much for visiting and hope you enjoy the Brentwood Community Park!